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Antico Borgo

Taurasi Riserva 2015

Taurasi Riserva 2015

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Antico Borgo Taurasi Riserva. Better known as "The Emperor's Reserve." Historically, the Aglianico wines of Taurasi were some of the favorites of Roman Emperor Augustus and Empress Livia. The most powerful couple in the world adored this wine. Amazingly, today you can drink the same coveted wine as the most powerful people of the ancient world. 

Some people call Taurasi, "The Barolo of the South." Perhaps it's not the best comparison. The only thing they share in common is the ability to age for decades in the bottle. 

Taurasi wines really don't begin showing their maximum potential until they reach 10 years of aging. This 2015 is one the best in the past 30 years. This artisan Taurasi is so different from the mass-produced peers on the shelf. The authenticity in taste, the ancient black cherry flavors, the dried rose garden scents, the leather, smoke, and ash from the prehistoric volcanic eruptions. And of the power and glory of Rome resonates from this wine. 3,000 bottles handcrafted per annum. Drink now, or age in your cellar. Better yet, get a case and drink 1 or 2 bottles a year to follow the wine along its journey of evolution. 

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