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Castellucci Miano

Perricone 2021

Perricone 2021

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Castellucci Miano Perricone red wine. Perricone is the ancestral grape of Sicily. It was historically a blending grape because it meshes well with Nero d'Avola. But Perricone was also exported in bulk to France and Northern Italy to be blended with their wines when they had weak vintages. That's because Perricone is a colorful wine. Castellucci Miano was the first estate in Sicily to vinify Perricone as monovarietal wine to express the entire personality of this ancient grape. Perricone is unique to Sicily and can't be found on mainland Italy. 

Full bodied, with gooseberry, fresh rose petals, spices, and volcanic ash. While the wine can't be compared to any other, it might taste distant at first, but its spellbinding powers will seduce with each new sip. 10,000 bottles handcrafted per annum. By the way, this wine is great with Surf n' Turf and pizza. 

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