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Atha Ruja

Muristellu Grand Cru 2015

Muristellu Grand Cru 2015

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"Muristellu" is the local Sardinian word for "Bovale," the ancestral grape of the island. 
It is genetically and directly linked to the wild vine which gives you a snapshot of what an ancient wine could have tasted like before humans domesticated grapes. It's a "blue zone wine." 

The symbol on the bottle is pre-historic. It's the Mother Goddess of the Nuragic Civilization. The Nuragic people lived in Sardinia between 3,000-8,000 years ago. This symbol can still be seen chiseled into old stones all over the island. The Mother Goddess was the god of fertility.

Atha Ruja Muristellu is a Grand Cru, made from extremely low-yielding vines that produce 1 cluster of grapes per vine. After a hand-harvest the wine ages for 4 years in French oak barrels followed by at least 2 years in glass bottle. 

Big, bold, powerful. The passion of the ancient Nuragics vibrates through the energy of this wine. 1,333 bottles handcrafted and each bottle individually numbered. 

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